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Genesys Athletic Club introduces FUSE 90 for all exercise levels

(GRAND BLANC, MI) Are you a couch potato looking for a place to start with your fitness and nutrition? FUSE 90 is designed for you.
Are you in decent physical shape but want to improve your fitness level and learn to eat healthier? FUSE 90 is designed for you.

Are you at an advanced fitness level and are looking to work with a personal trainer who can push you even more? FUSE 90 is designed for you.

Genesys Athletic Club (GAC) in Grand Blanc Township fused two successful programs already in place at the club to start FUSE 90, a 12- week program that can meet the needs of every fitness level.

Level 1 is for women only who don't where to start with their health and fitness, or have not exercised in a while and want to get back on track.

Level 2 is for men and women - from a beginner to moderate fitness and health level.

Level 3 is for men and women who work out at an advanced level.

According to Jen Colombo, personal trainer and fitness director at GAC, "FUSE 90 was set up as a three-month program because it takes about three months to jump start your fitness level. This is the right time to enroll in FUSE 90 as the holidays approach. It will help FUSE 90 participants remain accountable for the next three months. Instead of gaining five to 10 pounds, which is average for the holidays, participants can maintain or lose weight and learn to make healthier food choices.

"We only have one body; we should treat it the best we can. Every day, we should try to do better in our fitness, health and nutrition goals," Colombo adds."Our FUSE 90 team will help each participant set up individualized, reachable goals."

To learn more about FUSE 90, call Genesys Athletic Club at 810-606-7557. New classes are forming every month! A new, 12-week session begins the week of Nov. 11.

Genesys Athletic Club is located on the Genesys Regional Medical Center-Health Park campus (at Holly and Baldwin Road).


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