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Community Partnerships

The HealthWorks Model: Working Together through Community Partnerships
The Genesys HealthWorks approach to transforming healthcare includes engaging community stakeholders to develop collaborative strategies that benefit the community, as a whole. Recognizing that health is influenced by broad determinants beyond the scope of clinical care, our work is aligned through collaborative community efforts to optimize the impact on the overall health of our community.

The following are examples of HealthWorks collaborative efforts and their results.

Genesys PHO
In partnership with the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization (PHO), Genesys HealthWorks is actively engaged in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP). In this pilot project, Genesys PHO practices are utilizing the HealthWorks model for the self management support component of the Patient Centered Medical Home. So far, the Genesys PHO Patient Centered Medical Home - HealthWorks model has been successful in controlling costs and improving health, with results that include:
  • 10% – 25% lower costs than competitors
  • Hospital days per 1,000 that are 26.6 % lower than competitors
  • ER rates that are 14.7 % lower than competitors
  • 72% utilization of generic prescription drugs, making it one of the highest generic prescription rates in the State of Michigan
  • Shift in appropriate radiology utilization rates – with high tech usage 11.6% lower per member per month
Outcomes achieved through the Genesys PHO Patient Centered Medical Home - HealthWorks model

Genesee Health Plan
The Genesys HealthWorks model is also being applied to serve more than 25,000 underserved patients in our community through the Genesee Health Plan (GHP). Together with GHP, the HealthWorks team has implemented the Health Navigator support system in the context of the Patient Centered Medical Home for this underserved population. This initiative has demonstrated results, including:
  • Access to a medical home for 72% of the uninsured adults in Genesee County, equaling 10% of our community
  • 50% initial decline in emergency room utilization and continued downward trend, and 15% fewer inpatient hospital stays
  • Increase in healthy behaviors: 38% improvement in physical activity, 50-60% improvement in eating habits, 36% reduction in smoking, 52% improvement in self monitoring for diabetics
  • 137% increase in mammography screening rates
  • Broad community support through a property tax millage which generates $11.5 million per year to support coverage for the uninsured in our community
Outcomes achieved through HealthWorks Health Navigator model with GHP population

Genesys East Flint Campus Family Medicine Residency Clinic

In July, 2010, HealthWorks expanded implementation of a HealthWorks Health Navigator to the Genesys East Flint Campus (EFC) Family Practice Residency Clinic. The EFC Family Practice Residency Clinic provides services to approximately 11,000, mostly underserved, patients. The Health Navigator Self Management Support at EFC is being integrated into the team-based Patient Centered Medical Home approach to care, with integrated Behavioral Health Services. In addition, implementing the Health Navigator model within the Residency Clinic will integrate the new model of care into the medical education for the next generation of providers.

At the onset of implementation, the HealthWorks Health Navigator at EFC focused on engaging diabetic patients. As the initiative progresses, the Health Navigator will expand their scope to include additional patient subsets, with the goal of supporting the full practice patient panel, as needed. Between July 2010 and January 2011, 181 EFC patients (mostly diabetic) had been referred to the Health Navigator for support. Identified patient needs for support include: ability to cope, physical activity, nutrition, self management for diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases, etc. Data on improvements in healthy behaviors for this population will soon be available.


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