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Childbirth Programs and Services

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Genesys CenteringPregnancy® Program
CenteringPregnancy is an exciting way for women and their families to receive prenatal care. You will spend time with your health care provider and with other pregnant women in a group setting, providing you the opportunity to learn more about pregnancy, preparing for the birth of your child and parenting.

In each of the ten sessions, you will have private time with your health care provider. Then you’ll meet with other women whose due dates are close to yours to talk about your pregnancy, learn together about common concerns and share your health experiences with others in a supportive, nurturing environment. You’ll receive information and tools to help you make healthier choices for you, your baby and your family.

For more information about CenteringPregnancy, talk with your physician or call the Genesys Downtown Flint OB/GYN Clinic at (810) 232-3522.

Click here to download a program brochure.

Special Delivery Program
The Genesys Special Delivery Program was developed for parents who do not have adequate or full insurance coverage for their prenatal, delivery, newborn and post-delivery care. Participants in the Special Delivery Program receive regular prenatal care, and attend sessions on self and baby care. Mothers and their babies in the program go home 24 hours after delivery. The program is priced as a package for routine pregnancies, and there are financial and geographic requirements. For more information regarding this program, or to request a program packet, call (810) 695-9985.

Maternal Infant Health Program
Designed for people on Medicaid, Maternal and Infant Support Services can help make the transition for your new baby a safe and positive experience for both mother and father. Working with your physician, our nurses, registered dietitians and medical social workers will follow you through pregnancy and for one year after birth. During this time, you will learn how to take care of yourself while you are pregnant, and learn how to care for your infant after birth. For more information, call (810) 603-8600.

Genesys Perinatal Diagnostics
Dr. Fredrico Rocha, perinatologist on staff at Genesys, provides a range of services for high-risk pregnancies at our downtown Flint campus, including:

  • Targeted or Level II ultrasound
  • Consultations in office and in hospital
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics
  • Non-stress Tests
  • Biophysical Profiles
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Antenatal Fetal Surveillance

In addition, Dr. Rocha is available for consultative services with a referral from your physician. To learn more, call (810) 606-7629.
    Special Care Nursery
    Genesys offers a Level II Special Care Nursery for those infants who require intensive care and support. Specialty trained nurses and physicians staff the Special Care Nursery. For more information about our services, call (810) 606-5897.