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Clinical Trials at Genesys
One Genesys Parkway, Suite 2442
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 606-7722

The Genesys Office of Research offers medical research studies that bring you the latest in leading-edge medical care. Medical research:
  • Provides new knowledge and important information that improves the treatment of disease.
  • Divides testing of a new medication or device into different steps called “phases:”
      • Phase I studies test safety in healthy subjects.
      • Phase II studies test safety and effectiveness in a small group of people.
      • Phase III studies confirm effectiveness in a large group of people.
      • Phase IV studies monitor long term safety and effectiveness in very large numbers of people.
Genesys Regional Medical Center supports research by offering opportunities to take part in Phase II through Phase IV studies.

Why take part in a clinical trial?
A clinical trial is an organized medical research program conducted with patients to evaluate a medical treatment, medication or device. People take part in medical research through clinical trials for many reasons:
  • To receive uniquely focused care from their doctors,nurses and entire health care team.
  • To receive access to promising new medications and treatments before they are approved for general use.
  • To receive medications and treatments at reduced or no cost.
Taking part in a clinical trial is always your choice and is never a requirement for quality care. If someone from the Genesys Office of Research talks to you about being in a research study, your involvement would be considered a partnership with us in making your medical care the best it can be.
For more information on clinical trials, please call the Genesys Office of Research at (810) 606-7722.