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Transplant Specialty Center
3615 Genesys Parkway
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Genesys Regional Medical Center and St. John Hospital - both members of Ascension Health - have partnered together to bring St. John's nationally recognized transplant program to Genesys patients in need of this service.

St. John Transplant Specialty Center is part of St. John Hospital and Medical Center. Since opening in 1990, patients have been coming to St. John from around the country to gain access to leading-edge technology (such as laparoscopic-live donor nephrectomy ) and a compassionate and caring staff. St. John Transplant Specialty Center provides kidney, pancreas and combined kidney/pancreas transplants.

St. John Transplant Specialty Center is actively involved in performing live donor transplants. Donors can include living blood-related donors such as a brother, sister, parent, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew. Living donors may also include people who are not blood related such as a spouse, cousin, in-law or friend. As of June 1, 2007, in the state of Michigan, there are about 2,571people waiting for a kidney transplant - which is why St. John recently increased its living donor pool to include close friends of the kidney recipient.

St. John Transplant Specialty Center was the first metropolitan Detroit hospital to perform a laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy. It is one of only two Michigan medical centers that performs pancreas transplants, which is the only known cure for diabetes. Its success rates are among the highest in the country.

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