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IRBnet Instructions for use

Residents - Refer to: IRB Research - MERC: - PROJECT APPROVAL for Instructions & forms
How do I submit my research to the IRB for review using the electronic system?

Step 1 Connect to the internet – (For video step by step instructions - see below)

Step 2 - Log in – First time users – click
· “NEW USER REGISTRATION,” complete the user profile
· Accept terms of
· Select "Genesys Regional Medical Center” for location
· Remember your password -
· Now, Go to your email - you will have received an email from IRBnet – to: activate
“click” the link to get going in –

OR If you already have registered – just Log in “” using your
user name and password and select Study Manager to find your study.

Step 3 - Click - CREATE NEW STUDY and fill in the information - Title of study

Step 4 - Click - STUDY DESIGNER to attach IRB forms - All IRB –forms are located in form library drop down menu or on the Genesys website– (i.e. IRB application)

Need to stop and come back to this process?
Step 5 - Click - SAVE – You “Save” the forms to your computer - you may complete and edit at a later time.

Step 6 - Click - SHARE THIS STUDY – Select anyone who you would like to have access to your research – (i.e. Co-investigators) Note: (To “share” your research with someone, they must be registered in

Step 7 – To SEND a quick e-MAIL – Use only for a quick email to anyone on your research team, or IRB Coordinator- (This stage is optional.) This does not submit your research

Step 8Mandatory – SIGN STUDY – - Your “Electronic” signature is accepted as a legal signature – All Co-Investigaters must “sign” the study.

Once all documents are attached –and the study is ready in final form -
Step 9 – Mandatory - Click – SUBMIT THIS STUDY – Select “Genesys IRB in the “Search for Organization” drop menu -Be sure all documents are attached and in final version prior to submitting. – Once “SUBMIT” is clicked – the research cannot be edited unless – you contact the IRB Office to unlock the study.
Step 10 –Click – Study OVERVIEW – To review what has been sent – study will be under “Pending Review” status until the IRB votes at the next meeting

*An electronic IRB - email will be sent to your email notifying you of the IRB receiving your research study – A letter will be sent, after the meeting date – with the IRB decision.

For step by step video instructions –

Go to:

Click on “RESOURCES” (Do not use the top right sign-in box)
When “resources” is clicked – a new sign-in box will appear

User name: Genesys
Password: Training01

This will allow you to view short instructional videos on -

Click – Research 1 – 1st time users
Click - Research 2 - Updating & Revising Research

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