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Tips for Successful Treatment


You’ve already taken the first step… seeking help. We’d like to make sure that you make the most of your treatment with your therapist and/or psychiatrist. At Hillside Center, we encourage regular attendance to all scheduled appointments in order to feel better and improve your quality of life.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your treatment & achieve the best results:
  • Therapists are trained to provide “talk” therapy and will work with you individually to develop a treatment plan based on your problems. Your active participation in the development of treatment goals is essential to your success in treatment.
  • Psychiatrists are licensed physicians specially trained to evaluate mental health problems and also prescribe necessary medications. Your psychiatrist will make sure you are tolerating your medications well and adjust them, if needed.
  • Combination Treatment: Clinical studies show that clients who receive BOTH talk therapy AND medications have better treatment outcomes than those who receive only therapy or medications. Speak to your therapist or psychiatrist to determine if combination treatment is right for you.
  • Completing Treatment: In 2014, clients who completed treatment had functioning scores 50% higher than those who discontinued therapy before the completion of treatment goals. Please work with your therapist and/or psychiatrist to determine together, when treatment should be discontinued.
  • Medications: If you are prescribed a medication, never discontinue or change the dose of your medication without the direction of the prescribing physician. Clinical studies show that stopping a medication too soon may cause a relapse in symptoms that become harder to treat.
  • Canceling appointments: There are times when you may be unable to attend a scheduled appointment. Please call to let us know when you have to cancel. We will be happy to reschedule you. Last minute cancellations or missed appointments often interfere with other client’s needing to be seen. Clients who regularly miss appointments do not achieve the best results from treatment.
Thank you for choosing Hillside Center, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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