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Medical Education FICA Update

Thank you for your inquiry on FICA refunds for medical residents. We are working with the IRS to fully define the periods that are available for refund and to gather the information required to complete the IRS refund close-out process. This process will include a mailing to the medical resident which will include a consent form to be completed and returned. The consent mailing has not yet been sent out as Genesys is currently in the process of gathering the applicable data.

  1. As of late September 2010, the IRS issued a notification on the process to complete the medical resident FICA refund claims and proposed a 120-day period for Genesys to complete certain prescribed activities
  2. We anticipate that the consent forms will be mailed out to the medical residents before the end of November.
  3. The medical residents must return the completed consent form within 45 days of the original mailing date to the address indicated on the forms.
  4. Once Genesys has provided the medical resident information to the IRS, and the refund has been issued by the IRS and received by Genesys, the individual medical resident refunds will be sent out.
To assist in the facilitation of this project, please feel free to provide Genesys with updated contact information including name, address, and phone number.
Genesys contact information:

Updates will be posted as new information becomes available.


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