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Genesys Heart Institute

This is where the area's best heart care lives.

    Our Heart Team approach ensures that our patients receive the highest level of personalized treatment options and care from our cardiovascular physicians and clinical staff.
      Here’s how we’re saving more hearts than any other hospital in the region:
      • Nationally ranked cardiac specialists, nurses and clinicians work hand in hand for your heart
      • Leader in technological advances, clinical research and complex heart procedures
      • Performing more minimally invasive heart surgeries than any other hospital in the region
      • Four new Cardiac Catheterization Labs with enhanced imaging and state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities. Our patients benefit from cutting-edge technology as we perform advanced procedures and tackle complex cases.

      Don’t just take our word for it—here’s what others are saying:
      • Awarded a 3-star rating from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, the highest possible rating for quality. This places us in the top 15% in the nation for heart surgery care.
      • Designated as a “Total Value” Blue Distinction Center+ for Cardiac Care with Blue Cross Blue Shield, recognizing Genesys for nationally established quality care and outcomes criteria

      Genesys Heart Institute Physician Group welcomes Dr. Thomas Miller
      The Genesys Heart Institute Physician Group is pleased to announce the addition of Thomas Miller, DO, cardiologist, to our team of specialist physicians.

      Dr. Miller earned his medical degree from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, California. Raised in Grand Blanc, he returned after medical school to complete his training and serve the people in the community where he was raised. Dr. Miller completed his residency in internal medicine at Genesys and is board certified in internal medicine. Dr. Miller also completed his cardiology fellowship at Genesys. He was the first physician to enter and complete the newly-created fellowship program, which he helped to develop.

      To further enhance our cardiovascular capabilities, Dr. Miller brings expertise in the areas of electrocardiography, echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, cardiac catheterization and nuclear cardiology.

      To schedule an appointment, call (888) 463-3268.

      New treatment for heart valve disease:
      Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
      Over five million Americans are diagnosed each year with heart valve disease, many of whom suffer from aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve. Once symptoms develop, aortic stenosis is a life-threatening condition that progresses rapidly. Chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and fainting are not always the symptoms of age or slowing down. It can be something more serious. It’s important to be screened by a cardiologist, and if needed, to receive treatment quickly.

      For patients who are considered high-risk or too sick for open-heart valve surgery, Genesys Heart Institute physicians can perform the innovative Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement procedure, or TAVR. This groundbreaking procedure replaces the aortic valve using a catheter-based approach. The minimally invasive procedure provides a much shorter recovery time with less pain, while dramatically improving a patient’s quality of life.

      Now there is hope and you have treatment options. Genesys Heart Institute Valve Clinic physicians focus on all aspects of heart disease, including a complete range of heart valve screenings and the latest treatment options. To schedule your appointment, call Genesys Heart Institute at (888) 463-3268.

      From no hope to new hope
      See how Genesys Heart Institute is changing the lives of atrial fibrillation sufferers with the breakthrough Convergent procedure, including that of a recent patient.

      Convergent procedure offers new hope for atrial fibrillation patients

      For long-suffering atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients, the physicians of the Genesys Heart Institute are the first and only in Michigan to offer the Convergent procedure. This new and innovative treatment option is for patients with persistent or difficult to treat AFib who have not been successful with conventional ablation techniques.

      Previously, these patients were left with no options, and often, no hope. Combining the skills of a cardiothoracic surgeon and an electrophysiologist in a single procedure, Convergent is a minimally invasive treatment option that can correct an irregular heartbeat and get patients back to the quality of life they deserve.

      Candidates for the Convergent procedure include those living with symptomatic, persistent AFib (episodes lasting more than one week) who have had a recurrence of AFib despite medications intended to maintain normal rhythm. In particular, the Convergent procedure is intended for patients with structural heart disease, who have a moderately to severely enlarged heart (specifically the upper chambers of the heart called the atria), and who have failed previous conventional ablation procedures.

      To meet with our expert team of cardiologists to discuss your treatment options, including the Convergent procedure, call the Genesys Heart Institute at (888) 463-3268.  

      Experts in treating atrial fibrillation
      Atrial fibrillation is a rapid and irregular heart rhythm (heartbeat) that arises from chaotic and irregular electrical activity in the upper chambers of the heart. If the heart rate is left at a rapid pace for long periods, the heart muscle weakens, leading to symptoms of congestive heart failure and a higher risk for stroke.

      Genesys Heart Institute offers the region’s only Atrial Fibrillation Clinic, providing our patients with evidence-based, cutting-edge therapies provided by a team of highly trained electrophysiologists, cardiologists, surgeons and cardiac specialists.

      Our team is equipped to provide state-of-the-art treatments and individualized care plans designed to restore and maintain normal heart rhythm. Working with your primary care physician and/or cardiologist, our cardiac specialists provide the most advanced AFib treatment options available. This includes an emphasis on patient education, an assessment for the risk of stroke and access to a dedicated nurse navigator who is there to guide you through all steps of your care.

      Cutting-edge cases performed in new cardiac catheterization labs
      Genesys has invested nearly $10 million to renovate three cardiac catheterization labs and create one entirely new catheterization lab. Each lab features enhanced imaging equipment, state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, radiation reduction technology and an electrophysiology “cockpit” to integrate the lab’s equipment. These advancements provide our patients with the latest generation of technology and allow our physicians to perform more complex catheter-based procedures including laser lead extractions, endovascular grafts and the new Convergent procedure. 

      Leader in minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery
      Our cardiovascular surgery program consistently outperforms national and state benchmarks, and was recently placed in the top 15% of hospitals in the nation for heart surgery care by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques for valve repair/replacement and bypass surgery with incisions ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 inches in length. This results in shorter hospital stays, faster recovery and less post-operative pain, which yields extremely high levels of patient satisfaction.

      Advanced Cardiac CT imaging with significantly lower radiation
      With the addition of our state-of-the-art GE Healthcare CT scanner and specialized cardiac software, Genesys can deliver high-resolution cardiac CT imaging with an incredible 83% reduction in radiation for patients. In fact, Genesys is the only facility in Genesee County that can provide a low-dose radiation cardiac CT scan. Patients benefit from having specialized cardiac CT technology on-site, and can avoid the long drive to another facility.

      Our leading-edge tools enable Radiology to render an image with optimal clarity and detail in a short amount of time. The Cardiac Imaging Program uses a collaborative approach, with both a cardiologist and a radiologist reviewing the results together. The utilization of their combined skills and expertise provides one comprehensive report for greater patient care.

      Cardiac rehabilitation through our world-class wellness center: Genesys Athletic Club
      Genesys Heart Institute’s Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention program provides leading-edge, medically supervised rehabilitation services at Genesys Athletic Club—a state-of-the-art wellness facility utilizing the latest in fitness and exercise technologies. The program is designed to help heart patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical, mental and social functioning. Our goal is to stabilize, slow or even reverse the progression of cardiovascular disease. The staff of exercise physiologists, nurses and dietitians help participants establish healthy eating habits, manage stress and understand how to cope with a diagnosis of heart disease. People who have risk factors for heart disease, who have experienced a cardiac event (such as surgery or a heart attack), or whose physician believes a cardiac rehabilitation program may be helpful are all eligible to participate. For more information, contact Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention directly at (810) 606-5120.  

      Emergency services that start long before you arrive at the hospital
      Genesys Heart Institute continues to reduce heart attack deaths by providing new technology to our regional EMS provider partners. Through the use of smart technology, EMS providers can now send cardiac information (ECG) directly from the ambulance to the Genesys emergency department prior to a patient’s arrival. With this valuable time saved, once a patient arrives, the heart team is ready and prepared to start the appropriate treatment immediately. 

      Specialized emergency services just for heart patients
      For patients who are suffering from heart-related issues that do not immediately require treatment for a heart attack, the Genesys Emergency Department houses the Paul J. “Rocky” Roll Cardiac Rapid Diagnostic Center (CRDC). This specialized unit is equipped with a team of highly specialized physicians, nurses and clinicians who care exclusively for patients entering the Genesys Emergency Department with chest pain or other cardiac conditions. Comprehensive diagnostic testing protocols are provided at the CRDC. And when it’s time to go home, patients have the comfort and confidence of knowing exactly what caused the original event, and any next steps to be taken in their individualized care plan.

      Genesys Heart Institute offers free Student Heart Screenings
      Every year, seemingly healthy students will die from sudden cardiac arrest, often while playing sports or exercising. These deaths can be due to an abnormal heart structure or abnormal rhythms. To help detect young people at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, Genesys Heart Institute physicians are conducting FREE student heart screenings. This type of comprehensive heart screening is generally not a part of the routine physical required to participate in school sports.

      A board certified Genesys Heart Institute physician will conduct the screening, which includes a medical history review, physician evaluation, blood pressure check, electrocardiogram (ECG) and Vscan quick-look echocardiogram.

      Go to for appointment information. If you have questions or would like more information, please call (810) 606-7550.

      Genesys Heart Institute
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