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Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy: Services are designed to evaluate and treat individuals who are experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties. Difficulties may be the result of health conditions, work, school, family stress, or a serious mental illness. Generally these difficulties are negatively impacting the individual’s mood, behavior, and functioning to such a degree that they are unable to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Mental health clinicians use a variety of strength-based treatment approaches based on the unique individuality of those served to promote new coping skills and improve overall functioning. Individual self-determination is the basis for developing a client-specific treatment plan that lays the foundation for the treatment process. When needed, psychiatrists may prescribe medications to help achieve treatment goals.

Family Counseling: Treatment for families experiencing a wide variety of problems is available. Often times, families experience difficulties interrelating, communicating, or dealing with a specific family member’s physical or mental illness. Family counseling sessions will empower family members to understand the nature of the problem(s), gain insight into the powerful influence and role of each family member, and develop positive communication and coping skills.

Psychiatric Evaluation: Psychiatric Evaluations are provided by a psychiatrist (licensed physician specifically trained to treat emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders). The psychiatrist will determine the severity of symptoms, establish a diagnosis, and design a treatment protocol based on the individual needs of the client. Typically, the psychiatrist will prescribe medication(s) to help reduce, manage, or eliminate the presenting symptoms. Psychiatric evaluations are scheduled after the client attends an intake assessment with a behavioral health therapist.

Medication Management: Brief appointments intended to monitor the effects of medications, modify dosages or change prescriptions, if needed, order lab work, if necessary, and provide ongoing education to the client. Medications must be monitored closely by the prescribing psychiatrist to make sure that the client is achieving maximum benefits. It is also important to continuously evaluate the client for any potential risks, side effects, or contraindications of prescribed medications. Medication management services are most beneficial when combined with individual counseling and regular communication with the primary care physician or family doctor.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP): IOP is designed to treat adults with acute depression by providing a therapeutic group setting where the client may interact with others and participate in activities of daily living intended to promote skills to function effectively with family and the community. Treatment is focused on those clients who will benefit from more intensive therapy than routine outpatient treatment can offer; yet do not require inpatient treatment. IOP emphasizes positive, goal directed activities to improve and expand the client’s mental health, emotional wellness and social skills. IOP meets Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon. To inquire about IOP, please contact Hillside Center at 810 603-8800 to schedule an evaluation with one of our clinicians.

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