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Residency Curriculum

"My hope for the specialty is that it will continue to flourish, that people will find a way to survive, will find a way to improve their own lives, the lives of the patients they care for, and will improve the quality of life for their society."
-Peter Rosen


EM 1 Residents
The first year resident will:
  • Focus on developing the skills of evaluation of patients as well as developing the medical knowledge base that allows for critical decision making in the Emergency Department
  • Concentrate on becoming thorough in performing histories/physicals and develop the ability to use diagnostic testing, initiate treatment, request consultations, create treatment plans and arrange for follow-up care
  • Learn to listen to complaints carefully in order to avoid delayed diagnoses or misdiagnoses of conditions which could be life threatening
  • Basic procedures to be mastered include splint application, wound repair, incision and drainage, and management of burns
  • Be responsible for case presentation to develop skills in preparing slides and presenting

EM orientation month--1 month
Emergency Medicine--3 months
Medical Intensive Care Unit--1 month
Anesthesia--2 weeks
Elective--Surgical Subspecialty--1 month
Ophthalmology--2 weeks
Obstetrics--1 month
Internal Medicine--1 month
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Hurley Hospital)--1 month
General Surgery--1 month
ICU Night Float--1 month

EM 2 Residents
The second year resident will:
  • Expand and refine patient care skills and knowledge leading to efficiency that will allow for the management of several patients simulataneously
  • Participate in major trauma and medical resuscitations
  • Perform more advance procedures including pericardiocentesis, tube thoracostomy, and central venous access
  • Be responsible for case presentations and continue work on a paper or similar scholarly project to develop medical writing abilities
EM 2
Emergency Medicine--7 months
Radiology--2 weeks
Anesthesia--2 weeks
Emergency Medical Services--2 weeks
Ultrasonography--2 weeks
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Hurley Hospital)--1 month
Ortho-Neuro Intensive Care Unit--1 month
Orthopaedics--1 month

EM 3 Residents
The third year resident will:
  • Continue to increase efficiency and be exposed to increasing numbers of patients and patient presentations
  • Supervise and teach junior residents and medical students
  • Become responsible for the most critically ill patients and direct medical resuscitations as well as demonstrate mastery in airway management
  • Focus on patient flow, throughput, and efficiency of the Emergency Department
  • Be assigned presentations and continue work on a paper or scholarly project to further develop and refine medical writing and presentation skills
EM 3
Emergency Medicine--6 months
Cardiology--1 month
Elective--1 month
Toxicology (Detroit Med. Center)--1 month
Neurology--2 weeks
Neurosurgery--2 weeks
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Beaumont Hospital)--1 month
Medical Intensive Care Unit--1 month

  • EM 4 Residents
    The fourth year resident will:
  • Become more efficient in managing the Emergency Department involving oversight of the operation of the department and assure appropriate medical care in a timely manner
  • Become more aware of patient number and acuity in the waiting room, communications with admitting services and dealing with conflicts
  • Direct major trauma reuscitations and supervise major medical resuscitations
  • Increase supervision of junior residents and medical students
  • Be assigned presentations and complete a paper to further develop and refine writing and presentation skills
  • Prepare and present at monthly conferences
EM 4
Emergency Medicine--8 months
Elective Rotations--2 months
Administration--1 month
Trauma (Hurley Hospital)--1 month


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