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Residency Curriculum

First Year
Your initial orientation focuses on the basic principles and philosophy of family medicine with more extensive training during the second and third years of your residency. As a first year resident, you are introduced to the Family Health center, seeing patients twice weekly on a half-day basis building your practice continuity. This experience, along with a range of inpatient block (four-week) rotations, is designed to help you begin practicing and building on the skills and training you received in medical school.

Second Year
As a second year resident, you take on a more active role in the direct care of your patients. Increased responsibility and a more intense work schedule require effective time management. You also spend more time in the Family Health Center. The medical surgical areas of family practice become an important part of our training as the number of your hospital and Health Center patients grows. Through your individual patient experiences and ambulatory rotations, our program will help you develop a greater understanding of family medicine.

Third Year
During the third year of your residency, you spend four half days in the Family Health Center each week with a practice mix of as many as 200 families. You select your elective rotations based on your special areas of interest. In addition, as you become well acquainted with your instructors and consultants, your teaching responsibilities increase. Your relationship with junior residents and medical students is a very important part of the learning experience throughout your training, but particularly in your third year.

Critical Care:
Night Float 1

Critical Care: Night Float 3
Critical Care: NF 4/CC2
Critical Care:
Night Float 2
Medicine 3 (FM INP 3)
Surgery 1
Medicine 4 (FM INP 4)
Peds 4
Pediatrics 1 - Hurley Medical Center
Amb Med 1
Obstetrics 1
Peds 2 (WBN Nursery)
Amb Med 2
Obstetrics 2
Pediatrics 3 (Dr. Akrawi)
Medicine 5 (FM INP)
Medicine 1 (FM IMP)
Occup / Comm Med
Medicine 6 (FM INP)
Medicine 2 (FM IMP 2)
Elective 5
EM 1 (Health Park)
Peds ER - Hurley Medical Center
Surgery 4 (Orthopedics)
Surgery 2 (ENT/Optho)
Surgery 5 (Amb Surgery)
Geriatrics/Comm Med
Surgery 3 (Ortho Sports Med)
Peds 5 Inpatient (Dr. Zureikat)
GI / Urology
Elective 1
Elective 3
Psych / Behavioral Science
Elective 4
Elective 2
During your second and third year, there are elective opportunities. Only one elective
each year can be away. The others must be done at Genesys.

Family Health Center Days:
PGY I: 2 half days per week
PGY II: 4 half days per week
PGY III: 4 half days per week

Three Years of Longitudinal Teaching Includes:
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Practice Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Office Procedural Skills
  • Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion
  • Osteopathic Principles and Practice
  • Research


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