The following information is presented by Genesys Health System.

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Genesys Convalescent Center
8481 Holly Road
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 694-1711
Fax: (810) 694-9717

Moving a loved one into a residential nursing facility is one of the most difficult decisions a family can make. Residential care for the older adult requires a great deal of skill, sensitivity, and the access to a wide range of recuperative services. When home care is no longer an option, choose the Genesys Convalescent Center (GCC).
Genesys Convalescent Center - Grand Blanc
You’re Not Alone. GCC appreciates the difficulty you face when you must choose a nursing home in which to place someone you love. You may feel guilty because you no longer can meet your loved one’s needs at home. You may be confused by clinical terms and services. Many people wish for other choices or more time to make a decision.

The staff of GCC offers you compassionate, thoughtful assistance with your decision so you can find peace of mind. Our Center is a warm, friendly, pleasant place where we put the needs of our residents first. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and you can count on us to be here for the person you love - and for you.

Services For Your Loved One
GCC serves individuals requiring skilled or basic care, including those who need skilled services that are sometimes referred to as “sub-acute care.” Our center specializes in geriatric rehabilitative services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our staff has been successful in helping many of our former residents return home or discharge to a residential setting of their choosing.
We can also provide other skilled and basic care services such as:
  • Orthopedic procedure recovery
  • Surgical recovery
  • Complex medical care
  • Cardiac care
  • Respiratory care
  • Stroke care
  • Wound care
  • IV Administration
  • Pain management
  • Alzheimer and related dementia care
  • End stage disease care
  • Other geriatric medical services
Our services are individualized for each resident with extra attention to the needs of the elderly. For those near end of life, we can offer palliative care or make arrangements with Reverence Home Health & Hospice to provide hospice care.

Facilities And Staffing
Our Center is a 128-bed skilled nursing home that provides both long- and short-term medical, nursing, emotional and rehabilitative care for people who require 24-hour supervision. We employ about 200 fully qualified staff members. Our nursing staff to resident ratio exceeds state requirements. All this means that you and your loved one can rely on our skill, support and attention in clean, safe, well-maintained, well-equipped surroundings for as long as you need us.

Accredited Services
As one would expect, we are fully accredited to provide Medicare and Medicaid services by federal and state authorities.

Admission Procedures
Whether your loved one is in a hospital or at home, you can turn to our Admission Coordinator to give you thorough placement information and help with the details of your loved one’s move. In addition, our responsive Social Services staff stands ready to help you and your loved one become comfortable with life at our Center.

If you have any concerns at all about a loved one’s current or future healthcare needs, please call our Admission Coordinator at (810) 694-1711 to schedule a consultation and tour. We welcome your visit.

Why Your Loved One Will Feel At Home
  • Tranquil, country setting overlooking a pond
  • Plenty of comfortable dayrooms, much like your living room, for entertaining family and friends, visiting with other residents, watching television and playing games
  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Space to display plants, photos and other favorite personal items
  • On-site beautician
  • Numerous regularly scheduled spiritual, mental and physical activities, including bingo, small group activities and exercise, live entertainment, movies and interdenominational church services
  • Special events such as holiday parties, birthday parties, celebration dinners, and small group outings
  • Special Attention from staff
  • Onsite full time chaplain

Our staff is especially proud that we take excellent care of our residents while offering them as many opportunities as possible to make their own decisions about treatment and activities. You can rest easy knowing we’ll treat your loved one with respect. We’re also proud of the deep affection between employees and residents, many of who are on a first name basis. So you can be confident your loved one’s social and emotional needs are as important to us as their physical needs. If you seek short-term care in a nursing facility, you’ll be pleased to know that as an affiliate of Genesys Health System, Genesys Convalescent Center can help arrange a variety of services for residents ready to return home. This convenience saves time and confusion, maintains continuity in your loved one’s care, and sustains the feeling of kinship we nurture at the Center.

Residential Hospice at Genesys Convalescent Center
Residential hospice patients are cared for in a dedicated 17-bed area within Genesys Convalescent Center. Recently renovated with the comfort of the patient and family in mind, residential hospice enables end-of-life care in peaceful, comfortable and homelike surroundings featuring private rooms. Our single floor design allows easy access to other areas of the Center, such as the landscaped courtyard and outdoor sitting areas. You and your loved one will feel at home with our many amenities:

    · Plenty of comfortable dayrooms, much like your living room, for visiting with family and friends

    · Space to display plants, photos and other favorite personal items

    · Numerous regularly scheduled activities and interdenominational church services

    · Onsite full-time chaplain

The residential hospice care team blends the skills of physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, dietitians, volunteers and clergy to provide regularly scheduled visits in accordance with a patient’s wishes. Physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs are addressed during the visits. The patient, family and primary care physician are also an integral part of the hospice team. Hospice services are provided by Reverence Home Health & Hospice.

Think Of Us As Extended Family
Our Center offers excellent care and a devoted staff so that you and your loved one can rely on us as if we‘re family. We ensure the health and dignity of each of our residents - and the peace of mind of their relatives. For more information on the Genesys Convalescent Center, call (810) 694-1711.