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Has your doctor advised you to "eat healthy, "lose some weight", or "limit cholesterol and fats"? Are you on a special diet or unrestricted in your food choices? The Genesys Diet may be your answer!

Genesys Diets were developed by Registered Dietitians at Genesys Regional Medical Center for use in the doctor's office and with patients. These diets provide basic nutrition information in a "one page" format.

In either case, if you use these tips to change your way of eating, the result may be a decreased risk of some serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

A. Eat a Variety of Foods.
  • Try to include a grain, fruit and/or vegetable, meat or meat substitute, and a dairy food at your main meals. Make snack choices combining these same food groups.
  • Ideas for main dishes: Cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, lasagna, tacos, broccoli-turkey rice casserole with cheese sauce. Can you name some more?
B. Attain and Maintain Your Desirable Body Weight.
  • The best way to do this is not to reduce your intake of grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy foods as much as finding out where "empty calorie" foods like sugar, fats and alcohol are in your meals and snacks. Reduce these! Burn off the stored excess calories (fat) by increasing the activity in your day.Ideas: Park further away and walk more to your destinations.
  • Try to find a partner for extra morale and companionship when walking, dancing, or biking...
C. Increase Your Use of the Following Foods and Beverages.
  • Include extra whole grains, yellow and dark green vegetables, cabbage type vegetables and citrus fruits with meals and snacks, fishes and low-fat dairy foods.
  • Ideas: use hot and cold whole grain cereals everyday.
  • Add extra vegetables to dishes like chili, spaghetti, stews, even sandwiches.
  • Increase the variety of fruit and vegetable juices in your diet.
  • If you are a pre-menopausal woman or under the age of 18, you may need to increase your iron sources, also such as an over-the-counter iron supplement or daily intake of iron-fortified cereal.
D. Decrease Your Use of the Following Foods and Beverages.
  • In general, Americans eat too much sugar, salt, meats, fats, and alcohol.
  • Ideas:
    • Select more raw and simple foods to minimize common additives: (salt and sugar), make your own popcorn compared to buying a cheesy-popcorn snack.
    • Keep meat intake to 4-7 oz./day; this will greatly reduce fats in your diet.
    • If you enjoy beer, wine, or distilled liquors, be moderate and select beverages with more dilute alcohol such as "lite" beers, wine spritzers and whiskey in water.