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Women and Children's Services



Women's Diagnostics
More than 181,600 women in the United States are diagnosed each year with breast cancer. Fortunately, when breast cancer is detected early, in a local stage, the patient survival rate is 96.8 percent. Regular breast and mammography screening is the key to early breast cancer detection at a stage when the cancer is small, less advanced and more treatable.

Genesys Women's Diagnostic Services is specially designed to meet a woman's individual health and diagnostic needs including regular breast screenings and mammography in a convenient, comfortable setting. The overall goal of the center is to provide a complete program of diagnostic services to assist women in maintaining good health. [More]

Family Birthing Center
The birth of your child is a very special experience for your entire family. And where this treasured event takes place will play an important part in the kind of special memories you and your family will have in the years to come, which is why you should consider family-centered childbirth at Genesys Regional Medical Center’s Family Birthing Center. [More]

The NEW Genesys Pediatric Emergency Services Unit and Pediatric Urgent Care Center
Kids. They're bold. They're brave. They're silly. And when they're sick or hurt, they need to be cared for like the little champions they are. That's why Genesys offers a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Services Unit and Pediatric Urgent Care Center with services created especially for children and their families. [More]