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Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center

We've all heard the phrase...time heals all wounds, and this may be true for emotional scars. But some physical wounds need help. Wounds like skin ulcers, burns, or those caused by diabetes, poor blood circulation, or obesity can be particular painful, and at one time required quite a lengthy hospital stay. Today however, many of the "hard to manage" wounds can be treated on an outpatient basis with tremendous results.

Wound Treatment
For more than a decade, staff at the Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center (formerly known as Tissue Trauma Services) have healed the wounds that time and traditional treatment won't heal. When the Center opened in 1985, it was the first in the area to offer specialized treatment for non-healing or slow-healing wounds. And years of experience have boosted the Center's success rate to over 95 percent.

Patients come to the Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center when normal treatment therapies don't work. Physician referral is not required. The Center's specially-trained staff including a nurse clinician in tissue treatment, heal the wounds that at one time were thought hopeless. Treating over 300 patients a month, the staff at the Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center can treat patients ranging from birth to the older adult.

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment
The Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center offers hyperbaric chamber treatment for chronic wounds that are not healing with conventional treatments.

These chambers use hyperbaric oxygen therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing ability and strengthens the body’s immune system. This safe and painless therapy promotes the growth of new blood vessels and skin. With this new service, patients are making remarkable improvements in much shorter time frames

Candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are those whose wounds have failed to respond to treatment after about one month or those who have not healed completely in eight weeks, and it is affecting their quality of life. In addition to treating patients with difficult-to-heal wounds, the center will care for patients with radiation injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, crush injuries, carbon monoxide intoxication, and diabetic wounds.

Registered nurses certified in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, work under the direction of a team of physician specialists to care for patients using this type of therapy.

Staff will continue using conventional methods of care for most patients. About 30 percent of patients will be candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hours of Operation
Treatment hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information on the Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center, call us at (810) 603-8250.

Genesys Wound and Hyperbaric Center
600 Health Park Blvd.
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 603-8250
Fax: (810) 603-8310
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