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Congdon Handouts September & August 2015


September - Geriatrics.pdfSeptember - Geriatrics.pdf

Hearing Loss
TBA 1b-Aging Voice.pdf1b-Aging Voice.pdf

Palliative Care
2-Palliative Care - Weiner.pdf2-Palliative Care - Weiner.pdf

Five Easy Pieces
3-Five Easy Pieces - Smith.pdf3-Five Easy Pieces - Smith.pdf 3-Medline Abstract for Reference 37.pdf3-Medline Abstract for Reference 37.pdf 3-Medline Abstract for Reference 41.pdf3-Medline Abstract for Reference 41.pdf

4-Dementia - Weiss.pdf4-Dementia - Weiss.pdf

Medicare Preventive Services
5-Medicare preventive services - Fortunate.pdf5-Medicare preventive services - Fortunate.pdf 5-Medicare Initial and Subsequent Preventive Exams Template.pdf5-Medicare Initial and Subsequent Preventive Exams Template.pdf 5-Medicare preventive exam from AAFP.pdf5-Medicare preventive exam from AAFP.pdf 5-Medicare preventive exam letter to patients.pdf5-Medicare preventive exam letter to patients.pdf 5-Medicare Preventive Services 2011.pdf5-Medicare Preventive Services 2011.pdf

Macular Degeneration
6-Macular Degeneration - Paulus.pdf6-Macular Degeneration - Paulus.pdf

Extra - MDOT Older Driver Guide
Extra - MDOT_OlderDriverGuide_455323_7.pdfExtra - MDOT_OlderDriverGuide_455323_7.pdf

CancerGenetics - Adams.pdfCancerGenetics - Adams.pdf

Congdon genetic ca risk - Schreiber.pdfCongdon genetic ca risk - Schreiber.pdf

Leukemia (Genetics) - Szyarto.pdfLeukemia (Genetics) - Szyarto.pdf

NGS Alan Henke D.O.pdfNGS Alan Henke D.O.pdf

Practical Approaches to Identifying - Trepanier 1.pdfPractical Approaches to Identifying - Trepanier 1.pdf

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